When to say when

We are in the very heart of the busy season.  Phone calls pour in, appointments are forgotten and promises are broken.  Welcome to the world of a small business.  

The issue actually begins during the slow season. For me, as a painting contractor, this time starts in the winter.  We lower our prices do to more competition and less work during that time.   In short, you get hungry.  Every job you take on matters.  During the busy season jobs come and go.  Calls don't always get returned.  This is not a good way to run a business but it is a reality.  This year I have taken a different approach.  I'm slowly learning when to say when.  At the beginning of the year I went 3 months with no time off.  I have tapered away from that and now I have spread out my schedule a bit for those emergency jobs for long time clients.  When I take a phone call I let them know an expected time frame for us before I waste everyones time on a bid.  I only promise what I can deliver.  It's just goo business.

Know when to say when.


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