Painting Exterior Trim

Exterior Painting Trim


Tips for painting a home exterior


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  1.  Exterior Preparation

When painting exterior trim on your home, make sure and use a high quality semi-gloss exterior paint

Why choose a semi-gloss paint for your exterior trim?  The reasons can be both aesthetic and performance.

Generally semi-gloss paint goes on smoother  than a flat paint providing a more seamless finish, and semi-gloss paint is also more durable.  Having a better looking and more durable finish provides several advantages:

better resistance to grime and dirt buildup

better ability to stand up to harsh weather conditions

better durability, like the movement you generally receive on doors and windows as we open and close them repeatedly.

In addition, if shutters, doors and windows become dirty with grit and grime, semi-gloss exterior paint washes much easier than any flat paint.  Scrubbing these surfaces does not wear it down as quickly as a flat paint would.

Choosing a semi-gloss paint is also preferable aesthetically.  Generally this type of paint has better color retention also.  Trim colors tend to be darker so this could be an important factor.

Another important factor is your selection of paint brands.  If you choose a poor quality paint the sheen will not guarantee a durable finish.   Below I have listed some excellent choices that you can find in almost any market.

Behr Premium Plus Ultra ®

Sherwin Williams Emerald

Diamond Vogel Evercryl


When choosing a paint make sure you look for a product that is 100% acrylic.  Having a fully acrylic paint will give you the best possible performace.

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