DIY Guide to Wallpaper Stripping

Wallpaper Stripping for the DIY homeowners

wallpaper-removalwallpaper for a homeowner can be a very difficult task.  Wallpaper removal can prove difficult and time consuming.  Using this simple to follow wallpaper removal guide will make your project much easier.

  1. Cover the floor with a medium to heavy duty plastic.
  2. Tape up the baseboards and connect the plastic to the portion of tape that overlap.
  3. Place tape over outlets and shut off circuit breakers for the room.  The covers can be removed later and the wallpaper can be removed underneath with a moist rag.Wallpaper preperation
  4. Fill a pump sprayer with hot water and add a few drops of dish detergent.  This breaks down the glue behind the paper.
  5. This step is the key.  Far too many homeowners do this step wrong and end up frustrated or defeated.  Select a section of wall about 6 x 8 feet and start spraying.  Saturate the entire wall very well making sure the water is contained at the floor level with tarps or plastic.  After spray wait 5 minutes and repeat the process.  When it is sprayed a second time you can begin pulling the edges of the paper to see how it responds.  If you are getting decent sized pieces, start removing and re-spray the wall every 5 minutes to keep it wet.  If the paper is coming off difficult continue the process of spraying and removing every 5 minutes.  This may be a long process but you have begun removing the edges of the paper and it will become easier the longer you are at it.  Sometimes it just takes time.  I have found no method or trick that works better than this process.

Here are some videos of the process I mentioned.

Kevin Schaben

I also have videos on the topic Video 1 Video 2 Video 3


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