Correct Temperature to Paint A House

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Exterior Painting Temperature

Correct Temperature to Paint an Exterior

When choosing to paint an exterior it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the back of the can. This is a guideline and there are other important factors you should consider.
1. Typically the correct temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees.
2. The paint in the can should also be between those temperatures.
3. If it was very cold the night before, consider the current temperature of the siding. You’ll want to make sure the siding isn’t too cold.
4. If you are in an area with greater humidity, your dry times will take much longer. Finishing a bit earlier in the day would be recommended to allow the paint to fully cure if you are expecting a drop in temperatures.
5. Consider the surface you are painting. While the siding may be an appropriate temperature, a strip of metal flashing may be several degrees hotter or colder.
6. If the home had some overnight moisture lingering in the morning, it may be best to wait for the surface to warm up first. It is not uncommon to see the surface of the house begin to steam when the sun first hits it.
7. Lastly, use good judgment. This guide can help you in your decision but ultimately many factors could change your decisions.

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