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Room Color & Mood: Warm & Cool Colors


When choosing a room’s color scheme, remember that balance is best achieved with a mix of warm and cool colors.


Warm Colors

Colors with warm tones like reds, yellows and greens. These colors are bright and comfortable.  They may also make small rooms appear smaller and large rooms more cozy.

Cool Colors

Colors with cool tones and include blue-greens, purples and blues. These colors have been shown to be calming. They may also make small rooms appear larger and large rooms more coldly.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are generally white, gray and black, but in decorating, neutral color can encompass a broad spectrum of colors.

Primary colors

When choosing primary colors it may be best to take a less is more” attitude towards primary colors.



Blues can relax, soothe, and calm us. For this reason it can be a good choice for bedrooms.  Blues also help motivation. This makes a soft blue a good choice for an office or child’s bedroom.



Red is a color of passion. Red has been shown to increase energy levels as well as heart rate.  Red can also stimulate the appetite and discussion.



Yellow has a tendency to make people cheerful and happy for short times and exhausted for longer periods. Softer yellows may be better long term. They cause less strain on the eyes and tend to be more calming.


This guide should give you a good start on choosing colors to evoke the correct mood.


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