Correct Temperature to Paint A House

Exterior Painting Temperature Correct Temperature to Paint an Exterior When choosing to paint an exterior it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the back of the can. This is a guideline and there are other important factors you should consider. 1. Typically the correct temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees. 2. The paint in the can should also be between those...
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When to say when

Kevin Schaben is the Owner/Operator of A Room for Improvement Omaha We are in the very heart of the busy season.  Phone calls pour in, appointments are forgotten and promises are broken.  Welcome to the world of a small business. The issue actually begins during the slow season.  As a painting contractor, this time starts in the winter.  We lower our prices due to more competition and less work...
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Selecting the right paint sheen

Kevin Schaben Often times I am approached by homeowners who are confused on which sheen to choose for a particular room. I have found out throughout the years that this confusion is definitively warranted.  Paint manufacturers don’t always utilize the same system when it comes to labeling.  Sherwin Williams for example have a paint line called pro mar 200.  Originally the sheen’s...
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Paint your home like a Pro

Kevin Schaben Paint like a Pro Interior painting can dramatically increase the value of your home.  It also provides an atmosphere created just for you.  It can however, be very expensive.  Follow these tips to get a professional product. Steps Remove pictures from the wall and cover furniture with plastic.  Cover the floor with a tarp. Fill nail holes, cracks and imperfections with joint...
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Simple Tips for Choosing Paint Colors in Your Home That You Can Live With

Simple Tips for Choosing Paint Colors in Your Home That You Can Live With   When giving color consultations or bids, I often hear the words, “I want to paint it neutral colors so if we sell the house it will appeal to more buyers.” While I understand this thought process, it still seems a little disheartening to hear. Why disheartening? It’s disheartening because...
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Selecting Color

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This is a fantastic color selection tool provided by Sherwin Williams. Upload your photos to change the colors of your own...
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