Simple Tips for Choosing Paint Colors in Your Home That You Can Live With

Simple Tips for Choosing Paint Colors in Your Home That You Can Live With


When giving color consultations or bids, I often hear the words, “I want to paint it neutral colors so if we sell the house it will appeal to more buyers.” While I understand this thought process, it still seems a little disheartening to hear. Why disheartening? It’s disheartening because homeowners are missing out on enjoying the home they live in for the sake of worrying about resale. It’s important for people to remember that if they don’t care for tan or neutrals, they shouldn’t paint with them just because another person might buy their home based on these colors.

Choose colors that offer continuity throughout the house and make you happy at the same time. It is possible to have the best of both worlds! Forget “resale thinking” and paint your bathroom lime green if it makes you happy. Why shouldn’t you enjoy your home and add “special touches” to it to be unique and make you feel good?

If you choose an eccentric color because you like it, great! But keep in mind that continuity is key. While looking at the color wheel, there are several things to consider when understanding color continuity:

Most colors do well with hues in the same family (different shades of blue, for example) or the colors next to them (orange and violet are both on either side of red).

Colors look good with their opposites. While looking at the opposite sides of the color wheel, you can see that red and green are opposites. This concept is called the “complementary.” Warm colors always have cool complementaries, and vice versa.

If you choose to paint a wall two different colors above and below a chair rail, you may want to consider complementary colors or different shades of the same family.

A question some people have asked is, “should I choose my paint colors first or pick my colors from my room decor that I already have?” My answer is: choose whichever of the two means more to you. For instance, if you have a quilt that your grandmother made you and you want to showcase it, pick a color to match the quilt and accentuate it. Conversely, if lavender makes you happy and you want to paint a bedroom with it, choose it first then pick out decor.
Owning a home is the American Dream. It’s something most of us have had to work hard and save up for. Home is a place you can go to after a long day at work and put your feet up. It’s also a place where memories are made and dreams birth new life. My whole point in writing this article is to say that there are concepts that you can follow to make color selection easier, but there is no right or wrong way to choose colors. It’s ultimately about making your home a place to call your own.

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