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10 painting tips

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10 Painting and Wallpaper tips


Author Kevin Schaben

10 Painting Tips every painter should know

  1.  Before taping any woodwork, wipe with a dry cloth.  When taping use a 7 in 1 or putty knife to press the edge of the tape down.
  2.  Tape up a new roller using a white tacky tape.  When you remove the tape loose roller hairs should come with it instead of staying on your walls.
  3. When rolling a wall make sure on the final coat to finish every roller line in the same direction.  I always finish on the down stroke, this prevents flashing.
  4. After sanding spackle, use a 4 inch roller and prime over the area with oil primer.  This will add a stipple similar to what is present on the existing walls.  This is a great way to prevent a flat area against a wall with stipple sticking out.
  5. When removing wallpaper it is almost always sufficient to use water only.  When wetting the wallpaper continue to apply more water with a garden pump sprayer every three minutes until it comes off.
  6. Box your paint.  Quite simply if you are using 3 gallons of the same color mix them together in a larger container.  This will make sure every coat is consistent.
  7. Inspect the woodwork before you begin.  Home owners will go over every job with a critical eye.  It is imperative you point out previous paint carryover or damage before your work starts.
  8. After removing wallpaper it is absolutely essential to use an oil primer.  A latex primer is only delaying future issues.  Down the road the paint will blister and alligator.   (cracks like alligator skin)
  9. Use a urethane sealant on an exterior.  Regular caulk will only last a few years.  Urethane caulk is expensive and difficult to use but well worth the investment.  Your customers will appreciate the extra effort.
  10.  The customer is always right!  My best referral sources are the jobs I wanted to run from in the beginning.  Persevere and do a great job for a lifelong customer.

Kevin Schaben  Owner/Operator  www.paintingandwallpaperomaha.com

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